+ My Rundown of Places in Shanghai


On our way into Shelter nightclub

After descending down the steep stairs and dropping off your 50RMB, a dark tunnel will lead you to one of the only true alternative nightclubs in Shanghai… The crowd can be quite hit or miss depending on what night you go (one night it will be dead and the night after it will be rammed with sweaty people!) but guaranteed is a night of much-needed good music to lose yourself in.

On Saturday nights when it’s rammed, you might do best to seek refuge in the tube-like backroom, where there’s plenty of sofas to sink into. The drinks are pretty cheap too and service doesn’t take that long, but one word of warning – as with many places in China, toilet roll is scarce so bring your own!

+ M2

This club is a superficial twenty-something’s dream –> expensive drinks, heaps of painfully hip young professionals strutting their stuff, lots of booths and tables where you can pay for the privilege of sitting at. The ‘dancefloor’ is more like a walkway and there’s no space to stand, and yet or some reason I find myself here every weekend!

Music-wise, think Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas and your typical run of the mill American pop. On my first proper night in Shanghai I was taken to this club, I expected all the clubs to play chinese music and yet everything about this place just reminded me of a club back home!

+ Logo Bar

It’s sometimes tricky for me to remember this place’s address to tell the taxi driver, but if in any doubt, follow the smell of weed! Away from the bubblegum pop overload of other Shanghai nightclubs, this place will feel like heaven – if the music isn’t intense electronica that you just can’t stop dancing to, it will be a chilled out DJ set playing music perhaps more suited to jamming to in a bedroom lol. The sangrias are a steal at 20RMB, as is a big beer jug of Tiger beer.



In my opinion this is where some of the nicest people I’ve met go, it has a great vibe about it. I love how on one side of the bar you have table football, and on the other a dancefloor with a DJ platform. The graffiti and doodles on the wall provide this place with a stripped down, who-gives-a-shit atmosphere, and I like how you have to go through a padded punishment-chamber style door to reach the unisex toilets (which have a pugnant smell akin to punishment!). I would love this place that little bit more if they had seats that didn’t bruise your arse-cheeks, but I guess it’s just more of a reason to get up on the dancefloor!

+ Bar Rouge

Hmm.. a fave with travellers and French expats, this club is as far away from my preconceptions of Shanghai as possible. Even though the music playlist is quite often predictable chart fodder, the 100RMB is worthwhile just so that you can chill out on the terrace and gaze at the gorgeous nighttime view of Pudong – bring your camera! While a lot of the people who frequent this place scream pretentiousness, you are guaranteed to enjoy your night here – the first time I came here I was endlessly entertained by this guy who seemed to be having some kind of acid trip, he was jumping on the speakers trying to drum the beat of the song against the ceiling! Drinks are pretty expensive so best to go with a big group and share the cost of a large bottle of vodka.