+ BNP and Question Time

As its website proudly boasts, the BNP won a million votes and gained two seats in the European parliament in the June European elections. And, in its responsibility as a public service broadcaster to remain impartial, the BBC is allowing BNP leader Nick Griffin airtime on next week’s Question Time.

There are a number of options when deciding whether such a fascist and racist party should be represented. One is to ban Nick Griffin and his the party the right to speak to the public on such a high-profile show. But banning Nick Griffin will do nothing to halt his popularity with extremists. Even without substantial media attention they have been elected by a small, but successful group of people. So, to my mind, preventing his participation in a debate will not exactly hinder the party.

Rather, many people believe it is only by giving Nick Griffin a platform that the public can truly see the irrational and fascist truth behind the BNP’s mission. I don’t believe that he could possibly endear himself to the majority of the British public, particularly when his party seem to think that national identity is something innate. No, it is merely a cultural assumption that indigenous ‘whites’ own this country and as such are the only people who should belong here. Considering migration has been a vital aspect of human history, it is quite laughable that the BNP do not realise their own sense of ‘Englishness’ is derived from immigration, albeit from Caucasian settlers:

The migrations of the Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Danes, Norse and closely related kindred peoples have been, over the past few thousands years, instrumental in defining the character of our family of nations. – BNP Mission Statement

While I can see the argument for tightening the laws on immigration, that does not provide us with a legitimate reason to vote BNP. The British public must not forget that this party merely has an issue with immigrants, or non-indigenous citizens because of the colour of their skin.

I had a quick peek of the BNP’s website and comments from their supporters are undeniably, yet predictably racist. One commenter believes white boys perform worse in schools because of prejudices against ‘indigenous whites’, even though “their average IQ is far higher than some other racial groups”. Another comment even shows how Christianity can be brought in to support the extremist views, with one support arguing that “There is a reason why divine wisdom and love separated the races and nations into their own spaces and stations”.

Personally, I feel that the relentless media hype surrounding whether the BNP should be on Question Time drowns out the most important question of all. HOW did our country get to the state where a fascist extremist and downright racist party could become legal British representatives in the European Parliament? Immigration policies and islamophobic hysteria has allowed the BNP to gain ground.

No-one seems to question whether it was right that the BNP were able to win a million votes and, let’s not forget, two seats in the European parliament. The real debate should be why so many of the public wanted to vote for someone other than the mainstream parties to begin with.