+ How To Be A Success

Clover Hill by Rowena R.

OK, this is written slightly tongue-in-cheek seeing as at the moment I am an unemployed jobseeker who these days gets regularly rejected from interviews. BUT, there are plenty of people on the internet who have some great advice, for me and you, on how to succeed. A lot of it is to do with being in the right frame of mind and refusing to accept anything less.

Remind yourself of what you’ve already been successful in

+ Megan at Charade Style has a stack of inspirational posts all about self-belief and success. One of my favourites is How To Get a Successful Mindset.

Write a list of five to ten things you have already been successful in, from the smallest exam, to the perfect interview, to cultivating an amazing talent or knowledge within a subject, beginning each line with ‘I am/have been successful in…’

By reminding yourself that you are already a success, the successful mindset becomes something far more solid and real-world to you, and perhaps you see that it was yours for the taking all along.

Act like you would if you HAD already achieved your dream

Gala Darling has a great article from 2008 about How To Set Amazing Goals.

One of the best ways to achieve something, strange as it may sound, is to pretend it has already happened. Let’s say your distant goal is to be a publishing magnate. How different would your life be if you managed to achieve that? […] Start acting that way today. It will prove that you are serious about your goal, & you will start to attract the right people & opportunities to make your dreams a reality.

Keep a Dream Jar

+ Herbal Tang suggests that you should Dream Big:

A dream box is basically a box, or jar, or canister, that can hold your dreams. It’s so simple to do. You write down your dreams, and goals, and aspirations that you want on pieces of paper and put it in the jar. Your goals and dreams can range from something small like reading a book, or traveling to Japan. But whatever, your aspirations may be write them down.

There is a lot of opportunity out there

+ Dumb Little Man regularly posts motivational articles.

Successful people have their mind set on abundance and opportunity and not scarcity and lack. Trust me this makes a world of a difference. Believe that life, energy, positivity, love, opportunities, success, happiness are abundant…because they are!

What are you waiting for?

+ Ali Hale a freelance blogger has a great article on her personal website about

In many cases, we feel that we can’t go for our real goal until all other conditions are perfect. Perhaps we tell ourselves we’ll write that first novel once we’ve quit the day job … once the kids have left home … once we’ve finished decorating the house …

The truth is, things probably aren’t ever going to meet up to our “perfect” standards: so we might as well make a start, even if it has to be a small one

And the last word goes to Glee…!