+ Hot cinnamon or hot mess?! – Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL

When debating dying my bleached blonde hair red, I did some searching online and couldn’t find much information or help. I went into a hairdressers and they offered to charge silly amounts to dye my hair a semi-permanent colour that would fade after a few weeks… so I decided to just go for it and see if it worked!

I walked into Superdrug, and anyone who has ever tried to choose between all the brands will know it’s not easy to choose which brand is the best. I settled on a shiny new shade called hot cinnamon by Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL as part of their new Hot Reds range.

I was aiming for the colour exactly like the one on the packet, and it went a few shades darker! It’s nothing like I thought it would turn out, however I’m going to keep washing it non-stop until the colour starts to fade.

As you can see from the expertly-taken picture above (ha!) my hair has gone a LOT darker than the colour indicated, and in daylight my hair looks a dark cherry colour. I left it on for thirty minutes so I would advise anyone dying light bleached blonde hair to maybe shave a few minutes off of the developing time. This has happened to me a couple of times with hair dyes and it must be because of how porous bleaching your hair makes it.

So, let’s hope in the next few weeks it starts to fade a little because I never intended it to be so dark!


  • gorgeousclara says:

    it does look darker…but it still looks nice!!!

  • Sam says:

    As someone who has seen your newly-dyed hair in real life, I can say with great authority that it looks hot, hot, hot. You’ve always suited that kind of colour, and it makes you look tres chic – so less of the complaining missy!

  • Niviarsiaq says:

    I think it looks great! I love red hair!
    I went red twice last year and I’ve always thought it was my best look (well, except for one time I did pink and that simply rocked) Anyways, the best way to get a perfect red is to actually bleach it first and then dye it. Usually you can get bleach for pretty cheap and it works almost the same as dye but it turns your hair a light blonde-ish color. After doing that you can dye it the color you want and it will usually turn out almost exactly like the box. Hope that helps for next time! I know dye-jobs can be so tough!!
    It really does look great in that cherry color though 🙂

  • daisychain says:

    I think it looks awesome. I so want to go red.

  • scarlet says:

    i had the same problem with the Hot Reds – i’ve used Live Color XXL Real Red for years with no problems at all. only colour my hair every 3 or 4 months, so there’s not much build-up, & thought i’d try a new shade. it’s pretty much black! yours looks lovely, but i know how annoying it is to not get anything like what the box suggests!

  • Jusdeen-Leigh says:

    omg! i used that dye and when i washed it off it was soooooooooo dark and after a good few washes its went a light brown colour only because my hair was blonde before and it’s showing through i wasnt a happy bunny i used to use the xxl reds and i always got streaky black bits through it, it’s just so annoying that i can’t find any other dye to get it the way i wanted it i had it a bright red once used directions and loved it! shame work made me get rid of it 🙁

  • Sarah says:

    I used the same colour and mine turned out near black and it’s nothing to do with my natural hair colour because naturally I have very light red hair, so I have no idea how it turned out like this. So I’m pretty annoyed because I was hoping for a nice cherry red colour and my hair looks near black, and I’ve spent months getting rid of the black that was in my hair and it’s near black yet again. Any ideas why it turned out like this?

  • rosessmelllikeme says:

    OMG!!! I used The Schwarzkopf Hot reds XXL yesterday (A shade darker than the one you used but due to angrily destroying the box afterwards I can;t remember what it was called) and my hair is basically Black!! I am seeeeeriously not happy when 1) I am already PALE and 2) I am going on holiday in 2 weeks and am not gonna look like the delightful red head I was hoping to look like!! Now i’m seeing the adverts pop up on tv every half hour and am screaming obscenities at the TV!! Off I go to the hairdressers tomorrow….there goes £45 I was hoping to save….Schwarzkopf?? NEVER AGAIN! 🙂

  • frankie says:

    OMG i coloured my hair hot cinnamon by xxl, and its basically black.. i have short/edium hair and it left some of my natural hair colour in it and it just looks a mess… its way to dark! I a never using Schwarzkopf again, my hair ws a nice coppery colour and i wanted to add a bit of red to it and this seemed like a nice colour!! But noo! I now have to spend a fortune at the salon!

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  • Rach says:

    I used this colour in september when my hair was dyed light brown, and it turned out almost black. It faded to my natural colour of brown, but I have another box, just to see if it’ll go the right colour this time!

  • Alice says:

    Mine went fine when i used this colour. Admittedly it was red before hand. But no problems with it going darker :S maybe it just depends on the colour you are going from and what your hair is like..

  • paige says:

    same! i love red hair but i had to dye it brown to go with my prom dress and my hair went jet black and really dry and my hair look awfull but your hair looks nice

  • jazzieee says:

    what colour is thisss ? i wanna go a dark red colour! looks laveeelyy xxx

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