+ The Attendant Cafe – London: Review

Yesterday I ate french toast in a toilet. Well, a converted public toilets under Foley Street in Central London called The Attendant Cafe. Me and four friends had made plans to meet for lunch somewhere central, and we were struggling to whittle down the thousands of London establishments to just one. This seemed like the best option as it was something different, located centrally and didn’t seem too formal for what was a quick catch-up.

Seating Options

A friend and I turned up around 12.30pm, and the first thing that struck me was the exceedingly small number of seating options available. After all, this is a converted toilet! Thankfully, round the corner to the right there’s a couple of tables with bench seating, so we managed to get an area for the five of us. It’s not possible to book ahead as far as I know, so I would recommend only going here if there’s just two of you to avoid disappointment.

The Food

French toast was about £8 each, and sandwiches ranged Chorizo & Bacon, Royale Chicken to Mushroom and Halloumi. By 12.30pm they had ran out of the other brunch specials. They also had a selection of pastries and cakes on offer at the counter too.

The Atmosphere

The staff are SO nice! As well as that, their soundtrack was top notch and the lighting was just perfect for an underground venue. I particularly liked the fact that so much light filters through from the main entrance, making it feel that little bit bigger. It was a bit cramped, and the couple next to us kept having to hunch over their table so people could get to the toilet. As such, this is not the place for a two-hour long natter. It has an in-n-out vibe, you wouldn’t expect to be here for more than 45 minutes especially as the food is served pretty quickly.

This is by no means the first converted toilet in London (Cellar Door and Ginglik are just two that spring to mind), but the space is beautiful, light and if I worked that little bit closer to this place, I would definitely pop in here for a pre-work caffeine fix.