+ If I Won The Lottery…

My boyfriend and I joked a while ago about what we’d do if we won the lottery. When I started to actually think about it, it took me a while for my imagination to run riot!

I’ve just finished paying off my student loan (yay!) and so will be getting a bit of extra moulah in my bank account and my initial thought was an extra designer bag but I bagged one in Nordstrom San Francisco when I was with some persuasive colleagues 🙂 So, minus the designer bags, here’s what I’d want to do if money was so no object:

Plan my own festival just for friends and friends of friends, booking a varied and eclectic mix of artists like Arctic Monkeys, Björk, Queens of the Stone Age, Beyoncé as well as a few DJs for good measure. This festival would likely be held in the height of summer in an odd location, maybe in a secluded part of Sweden or Norway, where we could watch the northern lights after hours of dancing and pure happiness.

– I’d acquire an extensive portfolio of international properties. Each home would offer unlimited access (within reason) to my friends and family. Potential locations would be:

  •  a loft apartment nestled in Valencia
  • Townhouse in NYC, with a walk-in closet a la Carrie’s in the SATC films.
  • Beach house in quite frankly any Caribbean island
  • A posh chalet-style house in the Alps
  • This dream treehouse in Australia

– I know I said no designer handbags, but I’d really want to acquire the entire contents of Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s and Miranda Kerr’s closets.

Lifetime supply of crème de la mer. Not because I think it’s any more special than a Nivea tub, but it makes me feel super sophisticated and adds a touch of luxury to your daily routine.

-While I live in a beautiful maisonette in North London, I’d consider moving to a three-storey house in Hampstead. The main thing is that it HAS to have won awards for the architecture and come filled with mod-cons while retaining tradition. It would HAVE to have a wine cellar like the picture at the top too!

Auto-reserved seats in the West End: I would sign up to some kind of service that auto-secures me two tickets for me and my man to watch all the noteworthy shows in the  West End. Fuck it, add Broadway to that too! I am so bad at planning and having the equivalent of a ‘royal box’ would bloody rock.

Hostess with the mostest: I would schedule a monthly knees-up at any one of my properties and serve a spread that Martha Stewart would be proud of. Obvs I wouldn’t actually prepare any of this myself as I’d have a live-in chef or two. At the do, we’d all gather round either the swimming pool or fireplace depending on the climate and lose ourselves in a good old natter. If we have to stay in, we’d spend it in my cinema room or perhaps playing some board games. Even better, for my girlfriends I’d book beauticians to come over and tend to us while we sip champagne.

Learn to dive I would spend a month in Ko Tao or Bali to get my PADI course. Once that’s complete, I’d cruise the world viewing the most coveted dive spots.

Become best buddies with Charlotte Tilbury or any other celebrity make-up artist and have them at my side, EVERY DAY. 

There’s also this fab Reddit page, If I Won the Lottery which includes posts like ‘hot tub under a waterfall’, ‘secret rooms’ and getting someone to wash your hair salon-style every day!