+ 10 of the Best Dressing Tables

10 of the best dressing tables via Jeniwren.com

An offer has been accepted on a flat we very much love so I’m so very, very close to being a legit homeowner. I’m getting ahead of myself and have already mapped out a perfect use-case for the corner in the master bedroom… a make-up station, vanity table and writing desk, of course! I wanted to share some of the top vanity/dressing tables I’ve found, all of which are available in the UK:

1)  I’ve pretty much settled on this Hemingway desk from Swoon Station. It’s so beautiful and even has two pull-out ‘runners’ to maximise surface space. Better still, it matches the Brunel wardrobe I bought from Heal’s a while back:
Hemingway writing/dressing table from Swoon Editions

2) Made-to-order Dressing Table from Tobias and the Angel. You can customize to have shelves or no shelves, and get it painted in colours/styles of your choice:
made to order desk/dressing table from Tobias and the Angel

3) Willis and Gambier Lyon Dressing Table from John Lewis. This is super traditional, and if I bought this I’d probably replaced the handles with something a bit more contemporary to add some character to it:
Wills and Gambier Lyon Dressing Table

4) Emil birch dressing table from Habitat UK. I am a stickler for organization, and having so many drawers to categorize my make-up, toiletries and jewellery would be easy as pie with this table:
Emil birch dressing table from Habitat UK

5) Montana Console Table from Heal’s. Pretty understated, but you could easily add drawer dividers and maybe add a desk pedestal underneath to add some more storage options:
Heal's Montana Console Table

6) Venus Dressing Table from Chaplin’s. During my search for a dressing table it was pretty rare to find one with a pre-installed mirror and a lid to expand the storage available to you. This table does just that, but the curved design wouldn’t necessarily go with my future bedroom:
Venus dressing table from Chaplin's

7) Fleur Dressing Table from Cox and Cox. Firstly, this retailer is my go-to destination for homewares,  spend far too much money there! I really love this dressing table because of the ornate detailing around the legs:
Fleur dressing table from Cox & Cox

8) Malm dressing table from IKEA. These blog posts here and here have some incredible tips (including a video) on how to transform this table into the make-up station a make-up artist would be proud of!
Malm dressing table from IKEA

9) Carter Dressing Table from Dwell.co.uk. Again, I love the idea of a lid I can flip up when I need to, so that everything is close at hand but doesn’t look too messy the rest of the time:
Carter dressing table from Dwell

10) Venetian mirrored dressing table, available at Amazon.co.uk. I am not brave enough to buy mirrored furniture (and it doesn’t particularly go with my boyfriend’s minimalise style) but if I ever live in a palace-like mansion I’ll consider this one!

My Picks for Vanity chairs and Stools:
Lille Armchair from Swoon Station
Lille armchair in oatmeal from Swoon Station

Rouen Stool, also from Swoon Station
Rouen Stool in Grape from Swoon Station

Jade Swivel Chair from Wayfair.co.uk
Jade Swivel Chair