+ Inspiration: 10 Desk Accessories

desk accessories inspiration

Yes! We finally own a flat! And aside from the sheer joy of knowing the home I live in is now (by way of a gigantic loan) mine, the most exciting thing is to have my own creative corner for project Jeni 2.0. Whenever I’ve had a spare minute from Googling new dishwashers and fridges, I’ve spent hours poring over desk accessories on Pinterest and blogs. Here’s my top ten ideas that I hope will make my desk area an inspiring and unique place:

1) Personalized Pencils:

Make like Caroline Herrara and have a bunch of engraved, personalised pencils handy to doodle from. A snapshot of her desk (as seen in Vanity Fair) shows dozens of “CH” monogrammed pencils, but how about the uplifting message of “Worry Less & Laugh More”, courtesy of DesignGem on Etsy?

2) Pencil Sharpener:

If it’s good enough for Martha Stewart, it’s good enough for me! Her desk has a beautiful vintage pencil sharpener, or you can opt for a modern one like this Alessi Kastor pencil sharpener.

3) Inspiring Art:

In the absence of daylight or a beautiful, awe-inspiring view,  you need something to remind you of what’s outside of those four walls. Consider a print of planet earth or inspiring wall art on Pinterest.

4) Snack of Choice:

If you’re in the fog of a creative episode, you might need a reminder to eat in the midst of it! How about a pack of your favourite snack?

5) Anglepoise:

This beautiful green Anglepoise desk lamp is perfect for ensuring your masterpiece is swimming in bright light. You can also see my lovely red one in the photo at the end of this blog post.

6) Buddha Ornament:

Bag a desktop buddha from Amazon and get the same effect as Sophia Bush, who attests that having one one her desk is a “great call to meditate when life gets stressful”.

7) Plants:

Business Week has a great selection of plants that are ideal for the desk here. Snake plants drastically improve air quality after dark, and apparently ZZ plants are almost impossible to kill!

8) Books That Inspire You:

Right, so you don’t actually have to read them every time you sit at your deskbut being surrounded by inspirational writings by your icons (be it Diane Von Forstenberg’s The Woman I Wanted To Be, Stephen King’s On Writing or perhaps the compendium of wisdom that is Letters of Note)  can help get you into the right mindset.

9) File It Away:

Yeah yeah yeah, we all have Dropbox, Google Drive and can store our files on our laptops, but nothing makes you feel organized than paper copies and documentation you can touch. Get some gorgeous filing cabinets by Bisley like this red cabinet.

10) Your Pet:

My preferred choice is a cute cat not unlike my very own Chickpea 🙂 She loves lazing about on my desk as you can see below.

Chickpea the cat on my desk, next to my red Anglepoise