Me, Myself & I: I’m Jeni, a 29-year-old London lover, Googler, blogger, traveller and obsessive of interior design and cats (especially my little Chickpea).

Me & My Blog: Jeniwren.com is what happens several years after a young girl obsessed with blogging on Geocities overcomes obstacles in the shape of dial-up modems, coding and WordPress! Here you’ll discover my experiences buying a flat in London, as well as my exploration of keeping good habits and generally trying to improve myself and my life.

Before blogs even existed, I remember at 10 years old desperately trying to launch my own magazine, Bazaar, at 20p an issue. Reception was mixed… ‘Bazaar? Haha, it sounds like bra’ and ‘I don’t want the second issue, it’s not worth 20p!’

My first ever Geocities blog, Jenesis, was full of garish colours and drop-down menus leading to literally dozens of random articles about any subject I could think of! My approach to publishing on the web was to basically make it up as I go along, adding articles as and when I think of them. I think that still holds true today, but the focus of my ‘blog’ as they like to call these things has been my travels around the world.

Later, I bought my own domain (www.miss-brightside.com) and wrote about places I’ve travelled to as well as my struggles post-recession to get a job. One more name-change to Jeni Wren, and here we are!

Me & My History:

1986  –  I was born, the same week that Nick Berry was #1 with Every Loser Wins.

1990s – You would have found me climbing trees and acting a bit of a tomboy, or rollerblading around my local streets! I was also hooked to my typewriter or my dad’s Amiga. When I wasn’t reading Sweet Valley High or Point Horror, I was attempting my very own novel.. I made it to 40 whole pages but not it’s rusting on a floppy disk somewhere :/

2005 – After high school, I crossed the border to attend Cardiff University for three years, studying English Literature. Every summer between terms was spent working at BBC Worldwide or using my J1 visa to waitress in the states. I then used my tips to pay for my east-to-west-coast trip with The Green Tortoise.

2008 – I lived in China for 4 months, working in a HORRID job as a cold-caller for a financial services company. M job was to harass rich expats to meet with a financial consultant. Out of hours, I was exploring Shanghai and the surrounding Chinese countryside.

2009 – I backpacked solo, kicking the 6-month trip off with the Rio Carnaval! A few months were spent in South America before exploring South East Asia.

Late 2009  – Well, this was tough. I moved back home to a recession and it took my SIX months to find a job, finally at Amazon.

2010-2011 – I moved into the DVD & Blu-ray team at Amazon UK, and before long got promoted and became a people manager.

2012 –  Yay, this was the year I met Ned! I then briefly served a stint as lead merchandiser for the Beauty category before leaving for Google Play.

Oct 2012 – onwards: Working at Google Play, merchandising the store’s Movies, Books, Apps & Games categories as well as launching Music Subscription in AU&NZ.

Oct 2014 – We bought our beautiful ickle Chickpea.

2015 –  This was the year we bought our very own London flat, right next to Clissold Park.

2016 – Let’s see what’s next!