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+ The Marketing of Cigarettes

The UK government is considering introducing plain packaging to tobacco packs, in an effort to deglamourise smoking to children. According to health secretary Andrew Lansley, "The evidence is clear that packaging helps to recruit smokers, so it makes sense to consider having less attractive packaging".

It's all a far cry from tobacco's consumerist heyday in the 1950s! The news coverage surrounding the proposed changes to tobacco packs got me thinking about the alluring adverts created by tobacco companies in the past, so I thought I'd post a few examples:


Vintage Catalog features some interesting smoking adverts, including an advert featuring Amelia Earhart, and another personifying the Earth as a 'happy customer!

Photobucket  Marlboro advert


Personally, I don't think that changing the packaging of cigarettes will deter young people from lighting up for the first time, but it's worth a shot. In contrast to the smoking adverts above, an article featuring the top 45 creative anti-smoking advertisements from The Design Inspiration shows how the power of the visual can potentially prevent people from smoking in the first place! One example is of this
Anti-smoking advert

Here's some more articles about the murky world of smoking, fashion and advertising:

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+ How To Stay Fit When You're Broke

Ok, now I am not going to pretend I am amazing at keeping on top of all my New Year's Resolutions such as doing the yoga sun salutation in the morning, jogging three times a week and enough cardiac exercise to get my pulse racing every day... BUT I am trying to my best to make it easier to fit healthy living into a routine.

When I returned from travelling it was supposed to be my mission to get fit and join the local gym. But, after being quoted extortionate prices for gym membership locally, I couldn't even consider it. You have to bear in mind the fact that I am hoping to move out within six months (wishful thinking!), and most places only offer annual membership.

Our modern-day saviour, YouTube came to my lazy-arsed rescue and here are some really motivational videos I found! I hope these motivate you too :)

If you just want to warm up...

Only have fifteen minutes? No problem!

You're stuck in a desk job? No problem! Especially if you have no qualms about rubbing yourself up against a wall in front of all your colleagues!

Follow this video for REAL benefits :)

Lastly, if you live near a big city like London you can easily survive on playing the system... Phone up your target gym asking to have a free session to test out their place before deciding on a membership. If you have twenty gyms within a tube-ride away you can probably avoid paying gym membership for a good month or two :) Let me know how you get on and good luck!