+ Look But Don't Touch

Alesha Dixon of Mis-Teeq fame’s documentary about the perils of retouching in the media and its influence on contemporary perceptions of beauty aired as part of BBC3’s Beauty Season this Monday. Her persistence in investigating the increasingly narrow ‘acceptable’ norms of ideal female beauty highlighted just how artificial the images we see every day the media are. Declaring it as her ‘mission’ to convince a glossy magazine to put her on the cover without a single Photoshop trick, I couldn’t help thinking that discussion of female beauty needs a ruthless debate that exceeds Alesha’s focus on the industry’s airbrushing of pimples and skimming of thighs and bingo arms. Take a look at most television shows and magazines and you will see a wave of identikit female presenters and models who are often hard to distinguish between.

How many TV shows aimed at young women can you think of that are hosted by women size12+ and that challenge conventional norms of beauty? The females in the public eye that appear to excel in their careers are mostly blonde-haired, waif-like and do very little to represent more than 5% of the female population… While documentaries such as Look But Don’t Touch should be commended in their exploration of representations of female beauty, there are several points about the show that reveal the British audience are once again crying out for a show that truly delves into this issue.

+ Relaunch (again)

This is quite possibly the fifth time since the beginning of Miss Brightside that I have had to start all over from scratch due to my ineptness as a 'webmistress'. This time, I have taken it as an opportunity to rethink exactly what i want to use this domain for. Since its creation in 2005, I have had sooo many high hopes for it, but unfortunately have let it slip and never bothered doing much of note with it.

Now I am living miles away in Shanghai, China, I figured what better time to get the site up and running again... partly because I now have some (perhaps) interesting topics to blog about.

The site is going to be my outlet for everyday musings on absolutely anything. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will start to upload my old articles and some fresh, new, content inspired by my time in Shanghai!

It's exciting because I have way too many ideas - all i need is to actually give myself the time to write them down. Ever since I first attempted to broadcast my writings on the net (god knows what kind of crap I wrote at eleven years old thats floating in the web right now!) I have tried to think as far outside of the box as possible... wish me luck!