April 2018

How Apps Can Shape Your Future Self
Habit Summit
San Francisco, California


October 2017

Wired Retail
London, UK


September 2017

eTail Connect
St Albans, UK


June 2017

What’s New in Google Play
2017 Google EMEA App Summit
Dublin, Ireland


Boost Your News App with Behavioral Insights
Google News Publisher’s Day
London, UK


May 2017

Boost User Retention with Behavioural Insights
Google I/O 2017 conference 
Mountain View, California


April 2017

Moderated a developer panel 
Google Play’s App Subscriptions Day
London, UK


February 2017

Engaging Health & Fitness Apps
UCL Digital Health Conference 2017 
London, UK


November 2016

Get Your Health & Fitness App into Shape
Slush 2016
Helsini, Finland


September 2016

Utilising Big Data to Monetise Wellness Panel
Concentric and Bloomberg’s E-Wellness & Technology Trends 2016 
London, UK


Sustainable App Growth
Google Playtime EMEA 2016


April 2016

Fireside Chat
Berlin, Germany