+ Friday Freebies

I swear I'm adding a new 'series' to my blog every single day, but it's a great way to motivate me to keep looking for great things to post! So, for the first ever Friday Freebies post, I am going to showcase some lovely music, buttons, themes and desktop wallpapers from across the web that are great for your sites and general purpose use.

Desktop Wallpapers

I'm always on the hunt for a brand spanking new desktop wallpaper to brighten up my laptop in the hope that it will simultaneously brighten up my own mood! Pixel Girl Presents has been a fave of mine for years, so here's an idea of what they offer:

Blog Themes

If you're a Wordpress kind of blogger, then chances are you are constantly on the lookout for new themes for your blog. Here are some favourites of mine:

This well-designed and cherry Wordpress theme, from Grab a Theme is easy to set up and is FREE!

Smashing Magazine also has a great article featuring 100 'Excellent Free Wordpress Themes'.

Twitter Icons

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Save the icon of your choice and either upload directly to your own server, or, right-click and "copy link location". Insert it into the code below and copy and paste onto your homepage.


I am planning to make a range of Bloglovin icons for fellow bloggers out there. So far I've only made one, but more to come I promise!



I don't think there's many people right now who HAVEN'T seen this video, but just in case, enjoy! Although I view Lady Gaga as a very cleverly marketed popstar, there's no doubt that the designers around her are leaving the rest of the music world miles behind. This video features thoseAlexander McQueen shoes, and a very eery finishing scene involving a skeleton....!

Yes, I always always always blog about The XX when it comes to music, but it's only because I love them so much and don't want anyone to miss out! Download my favourite song of their, islands by CLICKING HERE.