+ TOKYO, JAPAN - Dream Destination

Kirk Pederson

OK, so I did travel over a dozen countries in the past year but I am still keeping my beady eyes on potential getaway spots for the future. There's nothing wrong with dreaming....

First up in my procastinating is Tokyo, Japan. I want to live and breathe the highly-charged atmosphere. Technology, neon lights and perhaps a chance glance of a living and breathing geisha in full attire. Acre-wide street crossings, televised adverts on street corners, karoake bars and outlandish streetstyle.

Speaking of streetstyle, one of my all-time fave sites for hair and style inspiration is Style-Arena i really can't think of any other city in the whole world which brings it the way that Tokyo does. Evidence below:

Source @ Flickr

Things to do in Tokyo

So, make-believing that I'm off to Tokyo in the near future, what would I do when I get there?


Trip Advisor informs me that Hibiya Park/Koen is one of the top places to see. Judging from the picture above it's a pretty popular place for locals to lunch.

Dennis Gajudo

Cherry blossom viewing in Chidorigafuchi is a must-do. You rent a boat and float serenely in this gorgeous moat. OMG how romantic?!


On every visitors' list HAS to be shopping, in particular shiny, futuristic and altogether quite random gadgets! Akihabara Electric Town is a discount electronics store district, positively brimming with miniscule gadgets and also said to be the hub for Japanese pop culture. Many youth-culture otaku come to Akihabara, as seen in the picture above.

+ Sao Paulo, Brazil

I stayed here for just one night and one day... there's not an awful lot to write about so instead I'll just sample a few pictures. I stayed at a nice hostel called O de Casa Hostel and although I was only there one night they served a good breakfast (unlike many hostels I can mention who truly think a bread roll and a cup of coffee will fuel a backpacker for a day).

I basically walked around the centro area, stumbling across various things as I did, my favourite being the accessories market where I bought metres and metres of ribbon for barely anything.

The big disappointment for me was Liberdade - I have never been to Japan and thought by visiting the largest Japan-town outside of Japan my taste for it would be satisfied. Instead, all I saw were a few tacky restaurants, some red lamp posts and a few signs with Japanese characters. I was hoping for neon lights, lots of sushi and just general CULTURE! It only redeemed itself by this really cool work of graffiti... in fact I think it was the only picture I took of the whole area.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

After a quick trip up the Santander tower to a cloudy view of the town, I headed back to my hostel and made the arduous metro ride to the bus terminal for my connection to Iguaçu Falls. In retrospect, I'm glad I plucked up the courage to go there, because for a moment I was going to be swayed by all the horror-stories of crime and muggings... I truly believe a city like Buenos Aires is more dangerous for tourists, partly because perhaps a dozen people I've met have been mugged there!