+ I miss China!

I haven't been to China since I left there in November 2008, and I'd love to go back and visit soon to see what massive changes have gone on there since I was last in Shanghai. Here are some of my photos taken from when I lived there in 2008:

Me at Tianmen Square

This was taken around sunset in the lovely city of Nanjing.

The Chinese people were, by and large, so friendly and warm. I love this lady's eccentric hat!

Golden Week 375
We camped near this stunning tea farm near a town called Anji.
View from the steps of Dr Sun Yat-Sen's Mausoleum
View from the steps of Dr Sun Yat-Sen's Mausoleum, Zhonghan National Park.
Chinese man on pavement, holding silver metallic boxes
Chinese man on pavement, holding silver metallic boxes and wearing a big smile!

+ My Dream Home

One day, I keep telling myself, I will have the money and willpower to create my very own Cribs-worthy abode! Sites such as The Selby and Design*Sponge feature some really inspiring photos of people's homes, and along the way I've devised my own wishlist of things I want!

Split Level Room

The Selby

Quirky and colourful ornaments

The Selby

Dozens of paper lanterns


The obligatory cute French Bulldog

Apartment Therapy

Elaborate-style headboard

Living Etc

Butterfly wall art

art wall by lush bella.

Roof Garden

New York magazine

Window Seat


Office in a Closet


Vintage Telephone

Hello Weekend! by _cassia_.

Futuristic Fireplace


Inspiration Bulletin Board


Private Lakeside Dock

Source: Domino Mag - Thom Filicia's Lake House


+ New Year's Resolutions for 2010

2010 - year of the tiger

The start of a new year is really just like any other week, but sometimes it's nice to use it as an excuse to bring in some much-needed changes into your life. Here are some ways you can make the Year of the Tiger full of action and passion!

My New Year's Resolution is to...

Read a book a week

52 books is my ambition for 2010! I don't know what will be harder, reading a 300+ page book every single week OR finding fifty-two books I want to read to begin with. You can't use money as an excuse not to carry out this goal, considering all the public libraries and charity shops around. Plus, you can join these really useful sites that allow you to swap a book with people of similar literary tastes, for example on BookHopper, Read it Swap it and Book Mooch. If time is an issue when it comes to finishing your latest paperback, make a decision to read every night before bed, or take the book with you to read on your lunch break. Even if you have to place it beside your bath so that you read it at some point every day, you can achieve it!

These days you can download ebooks onto your iPod, phone and if you're particularly fancy you can get a Kindle. Also, you can cheat on the whole reading thing by tapping into the growing market of audiobooks. Spoken Ink has a small selection or you could try Googling for rapidshare or megaupload links to some free samples!

Keep in touch with friends more

Since leaving uni and having met people travelling, my friends are dotted all over the country, not to mention the world. Facebook is OK for keeping in touch but why not go retro and start sending letters and vintage postcards to your friends abroad? Photo JoJo tells you how easy it is to make a postcard from your own photos - simply print it out 4x6, write a message on the bank and add a stamp! It really is that easy to send a personalised postcard to your friends.

Lose weight/Eat Healthily

It's pointless telling yourself to lose a few pounds and then proceeding to do nothing about it. Dumb Little Man has a great article on how to make sure 2010 is the year that you actually succeed in your diet. By making specific goals and keeping a food diary, you're more likely to commit to your goal.
Lately I've read up a lot on the paleolithic diet, where you basically cut out grains such as wheat, rye, pretty much all processed food, not to mention beans, peanuts and dairy! It sounds pretty intense, but from what I've read the health benefits and the potential to limit your risk of getting certain diseases makes it worth trying out.

Keep discovering new music

I'm of the opinion that you can never own enough music, and I am constantly seeking new bands to blow my mind. I used to LOVE Pandora, but they stopped its availability in the UK :( Thankfully, has helped fill the void, but I still want to find even more ways to discover great tunes. Inspired Mag lists 20 ways to find new music.

My personal fave is Jango an internet radio site which allows you to find similar artists to your musical tastes. Despite the annoying adverts it is a great way to learn of new bands.

Reduce My Ecological Footprint

I'm not by any means a model citizen, but I pledge to do my bit in 2010 by shopping mostly in charity shops and in vintage stores... who knew adding to your wardrobe would help the world?! Not only will I be saving money, I'm more likely to grab some unique finds.


"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." -- William Morris


+ Flickr Faves of the Week

Just a selection of Flickr photos that I've stumbled upon. No connecting theme, the only qualifier is that they are all beautiful examples of photography!

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