+ Hair Envy

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How to do a fishbone plait


If I get bored i just decorate my hair with the generic plaits, but this fishbone plait is a great way to give a common-place hairstyle a unique spin.

Pin-up Hair

Pin-up style hair always looks too complicated to pull off, but with the help of a Youtube video, vintage glamour is yours!

Two-tone hair

Garance Dore

I absolutely love the way this girl's hair blends from brown to blonde. I'm constantly flipping between brunette and blonde, so this is a good compromise!

+ Featured DIY Tutorials

This article has probably been inspired by an underlying guilt welling up inside myself after spending a large amount on brand-new clothes online. "But I neeeed them", I told myself as I repetitively clicked the "add to basket" button.

In an effort to mend my ways, I have decided to come over all creative and start MAKING my own clothes and accessories. Not only does this save money, it guarantees no other fashionista on the globe (well, hopefully) is wearing the same item. So here I present to you my favourite finds from the ever-useful invention I like to call t'internet.

Turning a Man's Shirt into a Cute Summer Dress

I found a great tutorial on how to turn a man's shirt into a cute summer dress. Over at Chic Steals you will be treated to easy-to-follow diagrams and step-by-step instructions all designed to help you on your way to DIY heaven!

How To Make Your Own Felt Rose Ring

Over at Cut Out and Keep I found a great tutorial for making your very own felt rose ring.

Make Your Own Fabric Bows

Another great find at Cut Out and Keep; bows are everywhere at the moment, be it on Lady Gaga's head or otherwise!

Turn A Low Skirt into a Poufy Mini Skirt

Blue Collar Catwalk shows you how to add an elastic waistband to transform an old skirt.

Now all I need to do is find the time to try some of them out!

+ Dreams of a shoe-shaped variety

Right now I am craving a new pair of shoes, and, of course, some money to buy them with! I haven't bought a new pair of heels in maybe eight months. Eight months is a long, long time and I keep torturing myself by viewing shoe of the hot variety online!

If money was no object, here are my three picks:

1)It may be August but Autumn is not far off, so I need a sturdy pair of boots for traipsing through leaf-ridden pavements - The pair from Topshop will do the job nicely!


AGNES lace-up casual boot
AGNES lace-up casual boot


2) Please get out the proverbial violins and weep for me... I haven't bought any really nice new clothes in the UK since last year, yes that's right - 2008!!!! So I need to find other ways to spruce up outfits, and I think that's where the statement shoe comes in.


Kurt Geiger Hope Black Courts Platform-Shoe
Kurt Geiger Hope Black Courts Platform-Shoe


3) Over-the-knee boots. Oh yes, I have always wanted to look like Catgirl while walking around the local supermarket!


Suede thigh boots, seen on Preen Thornton Bregazzi Runway Fall 09
Suede thigh boots, seen on Preen Thornton Bregazzi Runway Fall 09

And, as if I wanted to torture myself even more, I spotted a picture from Fashion Toast of her shoe rack.... What red-blooded girl wouldn't want to own at least 90% of these (my eyes are on the leopard print booties from Aldo).

Fashion Toast's Shoe Rack
Fashion Toast's Shoe Rack

+ Some great tutorials to make your own designer-style footwear!

<+ Alyssa Zukas has a great tutorial on how to make your own notorious Ariella studded boots.

She also shows us how to make the GORGEOUS Chloe studded boots as well!

+ Meagan has created a recession-friendly tutorial for the Christian Louboutin petal sandal as well. I am going to head to the craft shop asap to try it out.

If you find any other examples of DIY tutorials please let me know!